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About me

I am a woman. My name is Eva. I am 32 years old. I am a Czech.

The most important thing in my life are people: my parents, my sister, my boyfriend (if there is one), my cousin with his sister and mum and friends. I also like working, self-exploring and having such hobbies as meeting friends, travelling, culture, languages, hiking, nature, cafés, reading and relaxation – either through massage or sauna or just being lazy at home.

I have lived in Vimperk, Pilsen, Paris, Prague and Warsaw.

What I value the most is: relationships, honesty, morality, independence, sincerity, will, perseverance and justice. Personally, I am careful, hardworking, conscientious and responsible. I have been trying to develop and improve myself.

Currently, I work as an analyst but I used to be a manager and real estate specialist.

I am interested in woman and her 1000 and 1 form: visual, artistic, creative, aesthetic or other. I am not sure if my parents – having named me Eva (which is the synonym to feminity to me) – predetermined this liking of mine, however, it really works that way for me.

I believe in fairies and Anna, my tarot lady, is huge inspiration to me.

I am a decent, nerdlike, glasses-wearing girl…

Having tried to be as stylictically dense as possible, I wanted to provide facts and not to bore with long stories. I hope it was successful.

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